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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Dog Breeding Establisment Bill 2009

I was fairly shocked to find that there was a pressure group dedicated to objecting to this Bill, but there is.

"RISE" or "Rural Ireland Says Enough" are a new organization dedicated to preserving rural sports and traditions, according to their facebook page. What surprised me most is that these seem to be reasonable, sane people. I posted a comment on their page explaining my confusion at their aims, and they were kind enough to post it to a discussion board so hopefully I'll get some answers from them soon.

Whatever the answer is, however, I doubt it will persuade me that hunting and breeding animals in squalid conditions are rural sports that deserve preserving. What I would propose is maybe some moderations to the Bill, but I can't really see how this will affect rural sports in an adverse financial way.

The Bill, introduced and championed by the Green Party, will seek to regulate and register all dog breeding establishments in Ireland. Establishments will be required to register and pay a fee to the local authorities, and to submit to inspection of their premises. This seems like a fair ask to me. Animal abuse has been a severe problem in some parts of Ireland for a long time, and I'm very glad to see that the Green Party are taking steps to prevent or at least cut back on this.

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